Tuesday 28 Sep 2021

Will Vijai open office in Margao after Chaturthi?


WILL GOA FORWARD Chief Vijaibab Sardesai dare open party office in Margao after Ganesh Chathurti if his deadline for alliance by that time finds no takers in the Congress?  Madgavkars may be anxious to know how would Vijaibab go about in Margao post-Ganesh Chathurti. For, Margao is being represented by none other than Opposition leader Digambar, who incidentally is Vijaibab’s alliance partner in the Margao Municipal Council. Their Margao Civic Alliance ruling the MMC had crumbled in the past when Vijaibab had propped up the Parrikar regime in 2017. Will history repeat itself? Wait till Ganesh Chathurti for an answer.

After the leadership debacle, what’s Reginaldo up?

THE IRREPRESSIBLE Congress MLA Reginaldbab Lourneco appears maintaining low profile ever since Party High command gave thumbs up for Girishbab Chodankar’s continuance as the GPCC Chief. When many were expecting the three-time MLA to bitterly protest over the decision, Reginaldbab maintained stoic silence. Till date, he has avoided giving his reaction on the party leadership tangle. And, the Curtorim MLA does not want to talk of what transpired between him and Girishbab when the later paid an early morning visit.  What’s Reginaldbab’s up to at the moment? Wait and watch.

How will Girish control his media-loving flock?

STATE CONGRESS Chief Girishbab Chodankar may be undergoing sleepless nights over how to control the ever-growing number of party men going to the media on issues, including alliance. In the past, the GPCC president had come out with a circular mandating party men to seek prior party permission of the president or Opposition leader before addressing the media. How Girishbab will grapple with the situation remains unknown and whether he is looking forward for guidelines from the observers, more so when even a senior leader such as P Chidambaram he has no mandate to talk on alliance. Any takers?

Sardinha to Mickky: Start working, stop wasting time

SOUTH GOA MP Francisbab Sardinha is believed to have given his piece of advice to flamboyant Mickkybab Pacheco, to stop wasting time and instead start working in the constituency he has set his eyes on to contest the 2022 polls. The MP reportedly reminded that Varca strongman Bab Churchill is already on the Benaulim turf and is now being challenged by the Aam Admi party for the ball. The MP’s advice to Mickkybab is simple – just descend on the playing field if he has plans to throw his hat in the election ring instead of hopping from one constituency to another. Any takers?

Damu turns 50 tomorrow: Spotlight on Fatorda

FORMER TWO-TIME Fatorda MLA Damubab Naik turns 50 on September 6. Well, a birthday bash may be ruled out in times of Covid pandemic. Close aides say Damubab, will be available for his supporters and well-wishers. Party leaders are also expected to descend in Fatorda on Monday. Having tasted success in the civic polls held earlier this year, the former MLA has been working overtime to prepare the ground to lock horns with arch rival Vijai Sardesai once again. Damubab has firmly set his eyes on Fatorda in 2022. Wait and watch.

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