Tuesday 15 Jun 2021

Cuncolim ground to get new turf

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 08, 2021, 12:25 AM IST
Cuncolim ground to get new turf

Officials inspecting the Directorate of Sports School playground in Cuncolim.

Photo Credits: The Goan Everyday

Directorate of Sports School playground in Cuncolim has served as a football facility for the budding players in and around the town. However, the natural turf has been damaged after years of use and the ground is set to get a new turf. 

As the number of children turning towards football has increased, the damaged turf has not stopped the youngsters from playing on the turf that has started to wear off over the last six to seven months.

“It is extremely difficult to play as the turf is badly damaged,” a senior football player, a regular at the facility, said. “It is risky to play on the damaged turf as they could get injured. 

“There is a chance of players slipping and falling while playing. Protecting our knees is crucial, and the risk of injury is high when playing on a damaged ground,” he said.

After noticing the plight of the users, Cuncolim MLA Clafasio Dias inspected the ground along with Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) Assistant Engineer Deepak Lotlikar to assess the damage. The MLA said the recent cyclone has caused more damage to the already damaged ground. The fencing and metal net has opened at many places, said Dias.

Lotlikar said they have prepared an estimate for taking up the works at the facility and lay a new artificial turf at the football ground. “We have prepared an estimate for taking up the work. We will call for tenders and finalise it soon,” the SAG official said. 

Earlier, Khabir Moraes had complained to the SAG Executive Director about the plight of the ground and requested him to take up the works on priority.

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