Thursday 21 Oct 2021

Honest Film review: POSSESSIVE WIFE

Melba Vas, A V Fernandes, S Haldankar (Cinema Mogi) | SEPTEMBER 11, 2021, 07:15 PM IST
Honest Film review: POSSESSIVE WIFE


This film by Goan Aami is fairly an attempt at comedy. The husband at work finds out that his wife has not given him his usual Tiffin box and he calls his wife to inquire about that and what follows thereafter is a comedy of errors. 



The Screenplay of the film is written to the point and the topic is handled with good poise. The sequences that follow are very interestingly conceived and written. Men will be men but then a wife will be a wife! Good sequences are included to make the proceedings a leaf from reality.


The film has no theme song. Music is the drawback of this film. There are however great background musical score effects that make up for the lack of songs. A comedy song or for that matter a satirical sad song could be included which could give the film a higher laughter dose.


Acting is the forte of this film. The lead pair of husband and wife is very convincing and natural. The husband's friend and waiter too in a cameo have good timing and flair for comedy.


The Cinematography and camera capture of shots is good and the film takes a great height on account of this. The film is shot with cinematographic excellence using a wide range of shots. Zoom, Midshots, close-ups all shots up the sleeves of the cinematographer are on full display. The editing is punchy and effective.


The film is a great attempt for a decent comedy viewing in Konkani. All sections work well as a team, and the overall product gets justified. If names of cast and credits were mentioned in the film it would be of great benefit for viewers.

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