Agnelo Pires | OCTOBER 30, 2021, 07:50 PM IST

The age-old saying, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, usually gets a boost during the days preceding any major festival. Cleanliness at home or office should always be maintained in order to attract positive energies. 

As Diwali, the festival of lights, is at the threshold, it is but natural that cleanliness is given prime importance at home or office. It is also believed that the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Goddess Laxmi, will enter the house where it is kept clean and tidy. 

There is also a scientific reason why a house needs to be cleaned at this time of the year. This is the time when the monsoons come to an end and the winter season begins. During monsoons, houses get moist and accumulate a lot of fungus on walls, furniture, ceiling and corners. Houses also get damaged due to winds and heavy rains which needs repairs and refurbishing. Clean maintenance at this time automatically helps in giving a new makeover before the Diwali festival.

All the unused and unwanted things in the house should be discarded. If there is any dark area or room in the house then it needs to be illuminated. Broken mirrors, items or idols should be discarded and replaced with new ones. Before moping the floor, adding a little sea salt to the water will drive out the negative energies. 

The entrance door of the house should be kept clean, well-lit and well decorated. Mango leaves or Ashoka tree leaves with flower garlands can be used to decorate the main entrance door. These leaves have the ability to absorb negative energies. Once the leaves are dried up, they should be changed. The entrance door is the face of the house. As Goddess Laxmi enters the house through the main door, drawing or using stickers of footprints of Goddess Laxmi in front of the main entrance door with turmeric, Kumkum or rangoli powder is considered auspicious. They should be drawn in such a way that they are entering the house. 

On the day of the Diwali festival, it is very auspicious to light a four-sided earthen lamp with oil which symbolizes the four directions and that there is light in all four directions. They can be kept at the main entrance door or on the front balcony. It is very much advisable to worship Lord Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles, Goddess Saraswathi, the giver of all knowledge along with Goddess Laxmi on the day of Diwali so that all the obstacles and problems are removed from the house. And the family receives good health, knowledge and prosperity and wealth. 

(The writer @ 8805351558 is a professional Vastu expert based at Panaji)

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