Agnelo Pires | OCTOBER 23, 2021, 08:48 PM IST

With the advancement in technology, the world is changing at a bullet train speed. And this has a tremendous impact on the lives of human beings. Gone are the days when owning a two or a four-wheeler was considered a luxury. And so as to catch up with the changing world, having a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler has now become a necessity.

In order to have a balanced energy flow and add more positivity to life, it is important to keep one’s vehicles parked in the right direction, be it at home or any commercial area. The most auspicious direction for the car park or a garage is the North-West direction. This is the direction of the Air element which gives strength to speed. 

The second auspicious direction is South-East. North or East directions can also be used to park one’s two or four-wheeler. But the garage should only be constructed in the North-West or South-East. Care should be taken while constructing a garage in the plot. It must not create an extension or cut area to the main building, or the house. There has to be some space between the main building, or the house and the garage so that no extension or cut area is created which may give rise to flaws and defects. 

In commercial places like factories, malls, hotels parking can be made anywhere from South-East to South-West and from South-West to North-West. If there has to be parking for heavy vehicles like trucks and tempos then the best area for parking such vehicles is South and South-West. For two-wheelers, the parking area can also be in the North or East of the commercial establishment. 

If there is basement parking for the commercial establishment then the same above principles can be applied. It is advisable always to park one’s vehicle facing East or North. The reason behind this is that at the time of switching on the vehicle the person will automatically face either East or North depending on the direction of the vehicle parked. This will increase the smoothness of the journey and the person will tend to be in a right and untiring mood. The wear and tear of the vehicle also get minimised when it is parked facing North or East. 

(The writer @ 8805351558 is a professional Vastu expert based at Panaji)

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