Nelson Lopes | OCTOBER 09, 2021, 10:34 PM IST

Whether expressed or not it rocks the heart,

Shocks and tears the mind apart,

Gratitude is not a demand of goodness,

Not to recognise or appreciate is pure rudeness.

Spontaneous reaction lifts up the mind,

Gratitude is the milk of humankind,

Simply acknowledge without details to rewind,

Honest, grateful individuals are a rare find.

A thought,  word or an kind act,

Grateful souls with thanks, smile react,

Take for granted, ignore a benevolent fact,

On the giver, receiver has undesirable impact.

In our acts of charity, kindness no return expect,

No obligation or demand respect,

Reciprocating in any form works a wonder,

Deliberate omission, a guilt complex to ponder.

An act of kindness is without motive done,

To help, in need, want known, unknown anyone,

It is a privilege not that you have plenty to spare,

There is immense joy in the sacrifice to share.

When only leper returned, expectation of Gratitude He expressed,

In the absence 9 others cured, He was distressed,

Gratitude is human nature and a desirable trait,

Obligation, Indebtedness, guilt complex not the bait.

Gratefulness elevates the spirits and mood,

It reinforces, stimulates continuation of good,

Gratitude per se is not a must and obligation,

Ingratitude by silence, indifference not best solution.

Gratefulness is not a bondage, slavery forever.

By thought, word or deed, ignore it never,

Gratitude is not humiliation to genuflect or to bow,

Gratitude is an attitude, worthy of cultivating somehow.

Gratitude in action is to repeat it in return,

When opportunity provides to be your turn,

Giving than receiving is a joy much great,

Experience it sooner than late.

Giving, sharing, seek respect nor praise,

The purpose, intent lost if this issue you raise,

Best to forget the act of kindness you had done

No regrets, disappointment to nurse towards anyone

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