INVERSE: Wake up Goans get united

Antonio Pinto | JULY 24, 2021, 11:33 PM IST

I am disheartened to see around 

Our very own divided people 

Makes me sad we have lost ground 

And messed right up the steeple 

No matter what I say  

The trouble I see every day 

I wrote as well to get united 

But with blind eyes, we remain divided 

Goa was such a lovely place 

With respect and unity abiding 

But now we are with a smeared face 

Violence, crime and corruption thriving 

What can I say when I have lost my voice 

No one to listen to  

Yes it’s true, I have no choice 

Left it to GOD, what else can I do 

Families and people are divided 

The whole rot is visible 

Why can we not be united 

To keep away these demons so terrible 

United we stand Divided we fall 

Wake up, Stand up fight for your State 

Give an ear to my earnest call 

Lest we lose our Goa before it is too late 

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