Tuesday 06 Dec 2022

Govt may stop subsidies to fishermen

Instead of subsidies to fishermen, Fisheries Department is now contemplating to divert the same funds for providing subsidised fish to people in the State.

the goan I network | OCTOBER 25, 2017, 07:45 PM IST


Fisheries Minister Vinoda Paliencar on Tuesday held a review meeting with officials of Fisheries Department wherein it was decided to review all existing subsidies being given to the fishermen in the state.
"Fish is an essential part of the staple diet of Goans. In the review meeting I held with the officials of Fisheries Department, it was learnt that in the last five years we have disbursed subsidy of Rs 108 crore, of which Rs 83 crore was only on fuel like diesel, petrol and Kerosene", informed Paliencar.
"Even after providing so much of subsidy, if fish instead of being available in the market, is being exported, it is time we review it. So instead of giving it to fishermen, it could be diverted to the Fisheries Corporation which will be set up with an aim to provide subsidised fish to Goans which was a promise in our election manifesto", he pointed out.
Paliencar also informed that the Corporation would be set up within the next one year on lines with the Goa State Horticulture Corporation Limited.
"The Corporation is in the process of being formed. We may then stop the subsidy and divert it through this Corporation", he said.
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