Camera trap captures tiger’s presence in Mollem

Spotted: Overjoyed Range Forest Officer says there could be more in national park

| MAY 19, 2019, 03:51 AM IST

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When a trap camera captured a tiger taking a few small steps in the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park in Mollem at exactly 6.45 pm on May 14, it was a giant leap of joy for forest officials managing the national park.

Forest officials were overjoyed to discover a tiger spotted for the first time in the national park in Mollem, giving them hope that there could be other tigers in the national park.   

“A tiger was never spotted in this national park and it is for the very first time we have spotted a tiger in our park,” remarked an overjoyed Range Forest Officer Paresh Porob.

“There could be more (tigers) as well,” he added.

Porob informed that as part of the scientific management of the national park, it was decided to record the presence of the mammalian diversity of Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park.

“Hence, field staff were sensitised in carrying out observation and recording indirect evidences of wildlife during their routine field visit based on this strategic camera trapping were carried out,” said Porob.

“The camera trapping recorded presence of a tiger at the national park for the first time in the evening of May 14. The tiger’s presence in the area indicates that level of protection, quality of wildlife habitat and wildlife management practices in the national park are of high levels,” the RFO said.

“The 240 sq km area of the national park was being perambulated by dedicated field staff of their range to record the presence of this elusive big cat since the last one year. Finally, the efforts have been successful,” Porob added.   

In a Facebook post, a jubilant Porob said: “The king has finally fulfilled my wish to show its presence in the forests of field team has proved their mettle...first record of a tiger at the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park. Proud that we could prove our professionalism....may this big cat prosper in this mystic forest.”

The field team involved in recording the tiger’s presence at the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park consisted of Paresh Porob, forest guard Subhash Gaonkar and 

Mahadev Gaonkar.   

The wildlife management practice was carried out under the supervision of Deputy Conservator of Forests Vikas Desai and guidance of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Subhash Chandra.   

Porob said the Forest department has procured more camera traps to strengthen the field staff in recording the rich natural heritage of Goa’s forests.

“Intensive camera trapping is also being carried out in other parts of the national park as well as the wildlife sanctuary area,” said Porob.

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