Thursday 30 May 2024

…And the parties continue, coastal belt breaks sound barrier



The trend has changed. It's not about weekends and the long holidays only but this very beginning of the week coinciding with the Ganesh Chaturthi festival saw the coastal belt abuzz with loud music. 

Ironically, both indoor and outdoor parties have been operating with residents claiming that the music being played exceeds the allowable limit of 55 dB (A) Leq.

After a series of dusk-to-dawn parties held during the last weekends, a few more took place on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi – the holy period when the entire State had been preparing for the festivities.

A popular beach shack that boasts of hosting ‘lively nighttime parties with DJs, held ‘After Dark,’ at the venue located right next to Anjuna Beach. The show, as per the poster, is scheduled for September 18-19.

Another event, ‘Monday Psy Nation – Beach Party,’ was held at a party hub located near Small Vagator Beach and began at 8 pm.

The Goan has previously reported regarding late-night to early-morning parties, including electronic, sunrise, techno, and DJ-sets-like gatherings, both indoors and outdoors. Some of these were Danza Drome held at Anjuna and Sand Dance hosted by a café located on Anjuna Beach, etc.

Sources revealed to The Goan that several of these parties have been violating the provisions of the Environment Act. “Even if a party is held indoors, it should not exceed 55 decibels. There are several party venues that fail to even obtain Air permission. Moreover, many of these events do not obtain permission from the respective Deputy Collectors to extend their activities beyond 10 pm,” the source said.

Questions have also been raised about whether the foreign DJs hired by these party organizers possess the necessary travel documents or licenses to perform music. Russian and Ukrainian DJs are found at some of these top-notch parties. “We are not sure if the authorities are even bothered to check the travel documents of these foreign DJs. Do they have the licenses to play music? Are these event organisers holding all the permissions and paying the entertainment tax? These questions have become even more relevant during the festival period and the tourist season,” one of the residents said.

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