Tuesday 13 Apr 2021

AAP stages stir at Delhi BJP HQ against move to export vaccines


Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday protested outside the BJP headquarters against the Narendra Modi government’s decision to export Covid vaccines. Hundreds of AAP workers raised slogans against the Modi government, with the Delhi Police stopping the protesters outside the BJP headquarters.

Senior AAP leader and Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the 130 crore population of India ought to have the first right over the vaccine that has been created by scientists of our country. He also said that Covid cases are on the rise and people are dying, but the Modi government is busy exporting the vaccine to other countries instead of providing it to India’s population.

Bhardwaj said that AAP demands that the vaccine be made available free of cost to all Indian citizens so that we may be rid of the virus and can improve the economy of the country.

A large number of AAP workers gathered at the party headquarters in the morning and marched towards the BJP headquarters around noon. The Delhi Police, already on alert, had barricaded the BJP headquarters.

Bhardwaj said, “The vaccine was not created in BJP headquarters; this vaccine has been made by the scientists of India. Today, the number of cases in India is among the highest in the world, due to which we’re being defamed. People are losing their jobs, their lives, and what exactly is our government doing? They are planning to export the vaccine to 68 countries only for the Prime Minister to gain applause. Our economy is running due to the contribution of each of us, we go out every single day, meet different people, come back home and would pose a threat as a ‘super spreader’.”

Bhardwaj said: “Before Pakistan and Afghanistan, every Indian citizen has the right to get vaccinated."

Bhardwaj, “All that we are trying to say to the Centre is that if the vaccine is already available in our country, it must be made available to all. Vaccine for Malaria, Polio, TB, and Typhoid can be availed from pharmacies. Why hasn’t the vaccine been made available at pharmacies, general physicians and to the citizens?”

Once people are vaccinated, they would gain immunity from COVID and our country’s economic condition would improve manifold, he said.

The Centre is unable to provide a logical and rational reason for the control they are exercising on the vaccine, Bhardwaj said.

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