Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Day after Covid vaccine 10 report side effects, none hospitalised



A day after they received the jab of the Covid vaccine, around 10 health care workers are believed to have reported minor side effects such as fever and body ache.

Sources in the know, however, said no one had to be hospitalized so far and these health care workers are managing the flu like symptoms at home. Senior officials, including Covid vaccine programme nodal officer for Hospicio, Dr Ira Almeida are closely monitoring the situation of the health care workers.

Sources told The Goan that of the 10 health care workers, who experienced the side effects, only two had major issue of body ache and fever. Of these two health care workers, one, who had a history of allergies, had experienced the side effect soon after the vaccination on Saturday, while the second one had the symptoms of body ache on Sunday.

“Since the health care workers were all briefed about the side effects and how to manage them, the workers were better prepared to face the situation. But, we are keeping a close touch with the health care workers”, a senior official informed.

Another official pointed out that since a significant number of the healthcare workers who received the jab of the Covid vaccine at Hospicio comprised of doctors, they are managing the situation at home.

“Of these 10 health care workers, some of them experienced flu like symptoms such as high fever. The health care workers are managing themselves at home. There’s no need for hospitalization”, sources said.

Health officials, including Nodal officer Dr Ira Almeida as well as Hospicio medical Superintendent, Dr Deepa Correia had briefed the health workers on Saturday on the side effects of the Covid vaccine and how they are required to report the cases of side effects at their nearest Health centres.

Around 83 health workers from Hospicio led by senior pediatrician Dr Ira Almeida had taken the Covid vaccine jab at the TB hospital on Saturday after the vaccination programme was launched in the state by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

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