Govt issues directives to cut red tape



In a bid to cut red-tape and eliminate delays in government-public interface, Chief Secretary Dr Puneet Kumar Goel has issued an office memorandum directing heads of all departments to adhere to a past circular to accept self-certified copies of documents instead of insisting on 'attested' copies.

"The State government has adopted the recommendation of self-certification provisions to simplify procedures made by the Second Administrative Reform Commission," Goel said in the circular while pointing out that there are instances where departments are insisting on attested copies of documents or affidavits.

Meanwhile, in yet another 'circular' all government departments have been directed to expedite routine administrative work including disposing files/cases/proposals within 3 working days.

Files, proposals and correspondence received by officers shall be dealt with and disposed off within three working days from receiving it, according to the circular.

Also, consultations and examinations at the department level are to be provided within seven working days for every file, case or proposal received by the department, it adds.

For meetings of all high-level committees, the minutes are to be submitted to the competent authority for approval within a maximum of three working days, the circular issued by Amalia O F Pinto, Under Secretary (Administrative Reforms) said.

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