Saturday 31 Oct 2020

Hotel stay for Covid doctors stopped



Doctors on Covid duty will no longer be able to stay at hotels and will now have to stay at the government quarters.

The government recently discontinued the hotel boarding facility for doctors operating at the Covid hospitals. According to information, these doctors will have to share a room that is allotted to them. “Now two doctors have to share one room and even senior doctors have to stay with a junior doctor”, a source said. 

This decision has not augured well with doctors, with some of them warning that they may have to discontinue services. They also lamented that they had to face a lot of brunt with no visible signs of the Covid pandemic easing. 

The doctors on duty at Covid hospitals, Goa Medical College and other district hospitals were earlier getting the facility to stay in the private hotels. 

Goa was still continuing with the practice of accommodating doctors in hotels, but with the Centre’s directions to State governments a month back, Goa government has now implemented the directive.

As the State is going through a financial crunch, the government has decided to curtail the expenses on the doctors and other facilities to them.

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