Many sarpanchas, panchas left in the lurch in Sattari

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 03, 2022, 12:12 AM IST


A number of sarpanchas, panchas have been left in the lurch on account of different reservations to wards for elections to panchayats in Sattari taluka.

There are 12 panchayats in Sattari taluka, of which eight panchayats fall in Poriem constituency and the remaining four panchayat are in Valpoi constituency. As many as 32 wards have been reserved for women.

According to information, six sarpanchs in Sattari taluka will not be able to contest elections in their respective wards, which have been reserved. These sarpanch are Santosh Gaonkar (Khotoda), Prashant Marathe (Nagargao), Devanand Parab (Pisurle), Govind Gawas (Keri), Nitish Gaude (Guleli) and Balkrishna Mhalshekar (Poriem).

Besides, a number of sitting panchas will also be unable to contest elections on account of reservations in their wards and they include Barkalo Gawade (Savarde), Narayan Gaonkar (Keri), Satyavan Gawas and Govind Gavas (Parye), Kusha Gaonkar, Sakha Sawant (Pissurle), Laxman Gawade, Rupesh Gawade (Nagargao), Prashant Marathe (Honda), Pandurang Gaonkar, Shivdas Madkar (Mauxi), Ashok Gavkar, Krishna Gaonkar, Vithoba Varak (Guleli).

The only option for these panchas would be to contest in other wards, if they are to keep their hopes alive in returning to power in the panchayats.

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