Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

MMC councillor demands file on recruitment kept open for scrutiny

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 01, 2022, 12:36 AM IST

Claiming that the Margao Municipal Chief Officer Rohit Kadam has issued instructions to the staff not to allow anyone from going to the file on the recruitment of data entry operators, Margao Municipal councillor Ganashyam Shirodkar on Thursday demanded that the official file be kept open for public scrutiny in the civic body.

Shirodkar further warned that the MMC Chairperson Lyndon Pereira and the Chief Officer Rohit Kadam will be personally held responsible if the file on the appointment of the five data entry operators goes missing.

Addressing the media, the former MMC chairperson said the official file has all the notings as well as the signatures of the Chairperson Lyndon Pereira as well as that of vice-Chairperson Deepali Sawal. “The councillors have been told that the Chief Officer has left  strict instructions to the staff not to allow anyone to have a look at the file in question. This only goes to show there’s something hanky panky,” Shirodkar said.

When the media drew his attention that a host of controversial files had disappeared from the MMC in the recent past, Shirodkar said he has every reason to believe that the file may go missing.

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