No need for a second Raj Bhavan in Goa: Amonkar sees hidden agenda

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 23, 2022, 12:05 AM IST


Mormugao Congress MLA Sankalp Amonkar on Sunday hit out at the Government for having planned a second Raj Bhavan and said that there may have been a hidden agenda in the move. 

Amonkar speaking to reporters added that there was no need for a second Raj Bhavan in Goa and that the Government must stress on giving benefits of the various schemes to the people .

" The people are struggling and they are not getting the benefit of so many schemes launched by the Government and people don't get educational loans , benefits of Laadli Laxmi, Gruha Adhar etc which have been pending since years. When the local people are not getting these benefits, what will they do with a new Raj Bhavan and who will benefit from the new Raj Bhavan. We don't need a second Raj Bhavan in Goa and In case they are laying the foundation of a new Raj Bhavan at the same location, there could be a hidden agenda of giving the existing Raj Bhavan to a hotel or an industry . A new Raj Bhavan is not the priority now and it's important that people be given benefits of schemes that have been pending for years," said Amonkar.

" Raj Bhavan has a long history and is the most beautiful heritage building of Goa with view of Arabian sea and probably the most beautiful Raj Bhavan across India. The Government is out to interfere in heritage buildings and we have seen how Vasco MMC building which was a heritage building has been destroyed and antiques furniture and wood worth crores of rupees has gone missing in the guise of repair works. Such buildings must only be renovated and not repaired, " said Amonkar.

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