Thursday 23 Mar 2023

6 Goa rivers among 311 polluted in India: Report



In what could serve as an eye-opener for Goans, a central government report on the pollution level of rivers has revealed that six rivers in Goa are among the 311 rivers across India that are polluted.

The report also says the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in these six rivers is more than 3 which means that if the BOD is more the river is more polluted. 

Speaking on the report that had been published recently, Union Jalshakti Minister Gajendrasingh Shekhawat stated that the BOD of Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Kalne, Khandepar and Mapusa rivers is more than 3 and hence they fall into the polluted river category. 

Shekhawat also outlined in the report at which point exactly these six rivers are polluted and as well as in which category they fall. 

The detailed report mentions that some companies in industrial estates, factories and establishments discharge their sewage in these rivers. This is the main cause of pollution of rivers in Goa, the report stated. 

The State government has been directed to take action against these companies and factories under the Pollution Control Law.

The Central government has already initiated a campaign to clean the rivers, so that the health of the citizens is not impacted. The Union Budget also has notable financial arrangement allotted and reserved for this purpose.

The report says the prime responsibility of taking care of the rivers flowing in their respective States lies with State governments. The Jalshakti Ministry has directed the State governments to ensure prompt action to save and protect the environment too along with the health of its citizens, by saving rivers from getting polluted. 

Shekhawat has further mentioned that the State governments have already been put on notice and issued directives by Jalshakti Ministry to take necessary action.

Meanwhile, six rivers in Goa including Mandovi and Zuari are said to be polluted for the past few years as several industries, factories and other establishments are discharging their sewage/waste water in these rivers. 

Citizens living on the banks of these rivers, and its vicinity, are also found to be throwing their garbage and discharging their sewage water in these rivers. This has in turn affected the health of these lifelines that flow through various cities in Goa.

Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant is on record and has already instructed Goa State Pollution Control Board to take immediate action against those sections/sectors that are responsible for polluting these rivers.  

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