Adopt ‘Gujarat model’ to attract industries in Goa: Lobo

Calangute MLA says rising unemployment numbers have become a cause for concern; gives credit to PM Modi for creating business-friendly environment in Gujarat


Expressing concern over the galloping unemployment numbers in the State, Congress MLA from Calangute, Michael Lobo on Friday said the government should adopt the Gujarat model to bring people friendly industries in Goa.

Lobo also said that single window clearance was just a mirage and warned against bureaucratic red tapism which discourages industries from setting up business in the State. “There is no single window as far as industry is concerned. They have to approach multiple authorities for NOCs and licences. The Goa government should actually learn from the model of Gujarat. These new ministers and even our CM should learn the Gujarat model,” Lobo said, while giving credit to Prime Minister and then Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi.

The Calangute MLA was reacting to the Union government’s reply in the Parliament stating that Goa’s unemployment rate at 10.5 percent was double the national average of 4.2 percent. Lobo said the rising unemployment rate was a matter of grave concern as a number of youth graduated from various colleges every year but could not get jobs.

“In spite of being in the opposition, a minimum of 10 to 15 youth come to inquire about jobs at our place on a daily basis. If a survey is done we will come to know how many boys and girls are educated and unemployed in the State. But the government is not in favour of doing a survey,” he said.

He said the government of the day needs to take proactive decisions and not pay lip service to address the unemployment issue. “The government has to take long term measures. It is not only government jobs. We will have to bring people-friendly and eco-friendly industries in the State,” the Congress MLA said.

He said the Chief Minister should come clean on the issue and spell out a plan on how he will overcome this situation. “Unemployment is something that breaks a person. If a youth has no job he becomes demoralised and goes into depression. There are families who have come and pleaded with me on this,” Lobo said.

The Union Labour and Employment Minister Rameshwar Teli in a written reply to a question from MP Luizinho Faleiro in Rajya Sabha stated the unemployment rate across all age groups in Goa is double the national average. He, however, went on to explain that the State government has initiated various moves to resolve the unemployment problem in the State.

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