Assagao locals join hands to oppose night club culture

25-member committee to mobilise community, liaison with authorities to address issues

Assagao locals join hands to oppose night club culture

The influx of outsiders, particularly non-Goans, establishing nightclubs and villas for late-night parties has stirred unrest among the locals in Assagao.

In a bid to preserve the peace and tranquillity of their village, the local residents have banded together to oppose the burgeoning night club culture that has taken root in their community.

A gathering of 70 villagers, comprising members from various temple and chapel committees, as well as former panchayat members, convened on Sunday to address the pressing concerns surrounding the disruptive activities of these establishments.

Among the grievances cited by the villagers were not only the disturbances caused by late-night revelries but also allegations of prostitution occurring within some of these villas.

Jallindar Gaonkar, a former sarpanch of Assagao and a participant in the meeting, revealed plans to form a 25-member committee tasked with mobilising the community and liaising with authorities to address instances of noise pollution and other disturbances arising from the nightclubs and businesses operated by non-locals.

The committee intends to present a formal representation to various authorities, including ministers and the local MLA, to highlight the plight faced by residents due to the encroachment of nightclubs and other commercial ventures.

Of particular concern was the proposed establishment of a new night club along the main road in Munangwada, Assagao. Residents fear that such a venture would further disrupt the peace of the village and have vowed to vehemently oppose its construction.

Residents expressed frustration with local law enforcement, alleging bias towards nightclub owners over the concerns of the community. Instances where police reportedly sided with club owners rather than addressing complaints from locals have only exacerbated tensions.

The unity displayed by the residents of Assagao underscores their determination to safeguard the essence of their village against the encroachment of disruptive nightlife culture.

As they embark on a concerted effort to address these challenges, the hope remains to restore Assagao to its once serene and idyllic state.

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