Assagao locals rally in silent candlelight march to oppose controversial nightclub

Say they do not want such diabolical structures in village

AGNELO PEREIRA | MAY 30, 2024, 12:18 AM IST
Assagao locals rally in silent candlelight march to oppose controversial nightclub

With placards and candles in hand, young and old march through the village roads in protest against the setting up of an alleged nightclub in Assagao late Wednesday evening.


In the tranquil village of Assagao, known for its serene landscapes and close-knit community, a new movement has taken root.

On a quiet Wednesday evening, the villagers organised a peaceful candlelight march to voice their opposition to the establishment of a proposed nightclub, which they believe threatens the village’s harmony and traditional values.

With placards and candles in hand, the residents embarked on their silent procession from the renowned Barasakheleswar Temple. The march, a poignant display of unity and determination, culminated near the contentious nightclub site, illuminating the night with their collective resolve.

Surendra Gad, the Convenor of the Assagao-Badem Citizen’s Action Committee (ABCAC), emphasised the symbolic importance of the march.

“The significance of our gathering is to send a clear message to the authorities: we, the local residents, do not want such diabolical structures that disrupt the fabric of our society,” Gad stated passionately.

“Our struggle is to protect our community. We bear no ill will towards anyone, but we formed this group with the sole intention of safeguarding our present and future generations from the adverse impacts of such establishments. Nightclubs have a history of destroying families, and we cannot allow that here.”

The resolve of the ABCAC is unwavering, with Gad asserting that their fight will continue until their goal is achieved, aiming to set a precedent for other villages facing similar threats.

Avertano Miranda, representing the Goa Green Brigade (GGB), lent his voice to the cause, highlighting the rapid and troubling changes in Assagao.

“Our picturesque village has seen an influx of bars, transforming its tranquil nature. Numerous illegal activities are taking place, and we have taken legal action against many of these infractions,” Miranda explained.

“Assagao has become an epicentre of Goa’s destruction. Private forests are being converted, and approximately 90 percent of the new structures are illegal. These must be eliminated to preserve our village.”

The candlelight march was more than a protest; it was a testament to the villagers’ dedication to preserving their heritage and way of life.

As the flames flickered in the night, the message was clear: Assagao’s residents are committed to fighting for their community’s future, hoping their actions will inspire similar movements across Goa.

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