Saturday 20 Jul 2024

Cabral’s resignation: Supporters threaten to boycott LS elections



A large number of supporters of former PWD minister Nilesh Cabral are upset with the BJP for asking him to resign as minister, with many threatening to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and not campaign in favour of the BJP.

The supporters voiced their displeasure when they met him at his residence in Curchorem on Monday and reiterated their unconditional support to Cabral.

Many supporters demanded an explanation from the party for asking Cabral to sacrifice his ministerial berth to pave the way for Aleixo Sequeira to be inducted as minister. They also sought to know from Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and the BJP as to why Cabral was made Cabral to sacrifice his post.

Claiming that there were many who were first-time ministers in the Cabinet, they said that Cabral had got elected from Curchorem constituency for the third time in a row and he has been senior to many ministers in the Cabinet.

Many supporters threatened to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and not campaign in favour of the BJP Party, if the party does not re-induct Cabral in the ministry before the elections. They assured Cabral of their unconditional support to him.

Cabral politely informed his supporters that he had to abide with the party’s decision and assured them that he would continue working for the development of Curchorem.

“I had proposed many development works in the constituency which I could not pursue as I was busy with the ministerial work. Now, I will get more time to work on these issues and get the works done,” said Cabral.

Speaking to reporters at his residence, Cabral said he has no hard feelings as it was the party’s decision.

“It was a privilege to work under Pramod Sawant in the ministry and before that, under the leadership of then chief minister late Manohar Parrikar,” said Cabral.

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