Cabral impressed with Shram-Dham housing concept in Canacona

Promises construction materials to some houses

The Goan Network | MARCH 19, 2023, 12:59 AM IST
Cabral impressed with Shram-Dham housing concept in Canacona

PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral and Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar during the foundation stone laying ceremony at one house under the Shram-Dham scheme of BJP in Canacona.


Impressed with the Shram-Dham scheme of the BJP in Canacona, PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral hopes to implement the concept in his constituency to build houses for needy people.  

Cabral got to visit the site of one house under construction along the sidelines of his Canacona visit for the ‘Prashasan Tumchea Dari’ programme on Friday.  

Under the ‘Shram-Dham’ concept initiated by Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party, 40 thatched or poorly maintained houses of needy people in Canacona have been taken up for construction by Canacona BJP under a newly formed trust ‘Balram Charitable Foundation’.  

As soon Cabral arrived in Canacona, he was taken by Tawadkar on a tour to witness the construction activities of three houses at Ziltawadi (Gaondongrim), Pasal-Ordhafond and Kumbegal (Poinguinim).  

Cabral himself laid the foundation stone for a house at Kumbegal-Poinguinim in the presence of Tawadkar, Canacona Municipal Council Chairperson Ramakant Naikgaunkar, Poinguinim Sarpanch Savita Tawadkar, Khotigao Sarpanch Anandu Dessai and others.  

Touched by the initiative, Cabral assured to provide construction material for some of these houses in Canacona.  

“I am deeply impressed by this noble activity by Canacona people to construct houses for the needy people. I will also take a decision to implement this concept in my Curchorem constituency. Yes, government-sponsored housing schemes do not always come handy to help the needy due to various issues, but the ‘Shram-dham’ concept has the potential to touch the lives of the needy in society,” said Cabral.  

Balram Charitable Foundation Chairman and Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar said his goal is to achieve development of every person and added that donors continue to donate generously to the Shramdham concept.  

He stated that 14 houses will be completed by May and another 150 houses will be built within the next four years, to ensure a decent roof over the head of every family in Canaocna.  

During his tour of Canacona, Cabral visited the Shree Mallikarjuna Temple and interacted with the Mahajans regarding development work in the temple area.  

Cabral along with PWD officials inspected the bailey bridge at Didkitari-Panyefond, which connects Kindlem-Mangan (in Canacona municipality) to Sadolxem-Poinguinim over river Talpona.

CMC Chairperson Ramakant Naigaunkar submitted a representation to the PWD minister requesting the government to widen the narrow bailey bridge, a pedestrian bridge but also being used by motorists, to facilitate safe passage to vehicles.

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