Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Calangute constituency undergoes Rs 10 cr road improvement works

Extensive road upgradation projects underway

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 17, 2024, 11:31 PM IST
Calangute constituency undergoes   Rs 10 cr road improvement works

The key road from Hotel Palmarinha to St Alex Church in Calangute has been hot-mixed.

Photo Credits: Agnelo Pereira


In a significant infrastructure boost for the Calangute constituency, extensive road works encompassing widening and hot-mixing of key main and internal roads in Parra, Arpora-Nagoa, and Calangute have been carried out at an estimated cost of Rs 10 crore.

Among the prominent road improvements, the main thoroughfare from Hotel Palmarinha to St Alex Church in Calangute has been hotmixed and is currently undergoing widening.

This crucial stretch of approximately 800 meters was riddled with massive potholes during the last monsoon, rendering it almost impassable.

The road has now been upgraded with a double layer of hot mix, and widening efforts are being executed with urgency.

To facilitate agricultural activities, ramps have been constructed alongside the roads, allowing harvester machines to access the fields easily.

Additionally, a new side diversion has been created near the Calangute church roundabout to streamline traffic for vehicles traveling from Hotel Palmarinha towards Saligao, Porvorim, and beyond.

Several internal roads and bylanes within Calangute village have also received a fresh coat of hot mix. Wherever feasible, road widening has been undertaken to improve traffic flow.

Key roads and junctions have seen the erection of dividers and roundabouts, ensuring smoother traffic movement.

A Public Works Department (PWD) engineer highlighted the extensive road network upgrades, stating, “Widening and hot-mixing of at least 10 kilometers of roads in Calangute have been undertaken over the past year. We have ensured the construction of proper drains and cross drains alongside these roads to facilitate effective rainwater drainage.”

In Arpora, a 3-km stretch from 23 Restaurant to Xavier Retreat House has been hotmixed with a double layer, with the culverts and cross drains along this route being fortified.

Similarly, the 4-km road from Nagoa Circle to Saligao, as well as the stretch from Nagoa Circle to Calangute Church, have been widened and hot-mixed.

The village of Parra has also benefited from significant road improvements, enhancing the overall infrastructure within the Calangute constituency.

Speed breakers on all upgraded road stretches have been meticulously painted for better visibility and safety.

Calangute MLA Michael Lobo emphasised the importance of providing quality roads to his constituents, stating, “Good and motorable roads are essential, just like water and power. I have strived to provide the best possible roads for the people in my constituency. There is still more to be done, and with the support of the community, we will continue to advance development projects in the area.”

These comprehensive road works mark a significant step towards enhancing the transportation infrastructure in Calangute, promising better connectivity and safer travel for residents and visitors alike.

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