Calangute locals petition authorities against starred hotel for releasing sewerage in open


Calangute locals are up in arms against a starred hotel which was found releasing its sewerage water in public place in the village.

The starred hotel was found releasing the sewerage water in an open field in Fondvem in the wee hours of the day.

The Calangute Constituency Forum has (CCF) said that the release of sewerage in the open is unhygienic and could spread diseases to local residents in the area.

The CCF has requested the Pollution Control Board and the health department to inspect the hotel site and initiate action to shut the operation of the hotel immediately, until they comply with proper sewerage treatment within their premises.

“Releasing sewage water in the open is illegal and creates pollution which may give rise to several diseases. Several cases of dengue and malaria have been reported from the surrounding areas,” said Premanand Diukar, President of the CCF.

He said this is the second time the hotel has been caught by locals releasing its sewerage in the open fields in the village. “They carry out this activity under the cover of darkness to avoid public gaze,” he said.

The CCF has also written to the NGPDA and the local panchayat to conduct an inspection of the hotel project over various NOCs furnished to the construction.

“It is difficult to understand how the hotel project got permission to construct five floors with 61 rooms. It is understood the developer has used FAR beyond the permissible limit. The project has also not left a proper setback,” alleged Cruz Silveira, Vice President of the CCF. “It looks like authorities have turned a blind eye in giving technical clearance to the huge project,” he further alleged.

The CCF has said there were several such illegal commercial projects which have mushroomed within the jurisdiction of the Calangute panchayat.

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