CEO’s vision for enhanced voting experience

The Goan Network | MAY 05, 2024, 12:51 AM IST


As the Lok Sabha election approaches on May 7, in the third phase, a wave of enthusiasm for democratic participation sweeps across the nation. In concerted efforts to engage citizens and enhance voter turnout, the Chief Electoral Officer, Goa, is committed to providing all basic facilities to the voters and designated staff at booths.  

A total of 1,725 polling stations have been set up across the State, with 863 in the north and 862 in the south. Among these polling stations, 43 model polling booths in North Goa and 45 in South Goa have been identified. It aims to streamline the voting process and reduce waiting times. To cater to the needs of senior citizens, medical camps will be set up at 8 model polling stations in urban areas where there is a higher percentage of elderly voters. After casting their votes, senior citizens can avail basic health checks provided by doctors from the Directorate of Health Services.  

In a bid to empower female voters and promote gender equality, 40 dedicated polling stations for women, also known as Pink Booths, have been established in both North and South districts of Goa. These polling stations will be exclusively managed by women officials. Prioritising environmental sustainability, 40 Green Polling Stations have been set up in both districts. These eco-friendly booths are decorated using environmentally sustainable materials such as bamboo and coconut leaves from local vendors, reflecting a commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of the electoral process.  

To ensure inclusivity for persons with disabilities (PwD), Divyang Polling Stations have been established in both districts, with 5 in North Goa and 3 in South Goa. These booths will be managed exclusively by PwD officials and equipped with AMF facilities such as wheelchair access (ramp), Braille features in Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), volunteers, wheelchair, and other amenities to facilitate easy accessibility for PwD voters without any hassle.  

Taking into view the importance of youth engagement in the electoral process, Youth Polling Stations have been introduced, with one booth set up in each district. These stations will be managed by polling teams consisting of the youngest eligible employees, aimed at addressing youth apathy towards voting.  

In addition, special theme-based Polling Stations have been set up in both North and South Goa. In Panaji, the unique booth at Part 3 Admin Block No.G5, old GMC Ribandar, and at Cumbarjua at 01-Govt Primary Vanxim Sao Martins will have a theme centred around traditional fishing. Similarly, in South Goa, the unique booth at polling booth No 36, Margao Municipal Council, will be housed in an old heritage building.  The historical theme of the building will be highlighted through decorations such as slide shows, posters, banners, and other decorative items.

Moreover, the CEO of Goa, under the green initiative, has organised the planting of medicinal or fruit-bearing trees/saplings. The second initiative that will be undertaken is the planting of saplings (Medicinal Plant and Fruit-bearing) by poll officials in all the polling station locations.

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