Tuesday 13 Apr 2021

CM insists lockdown, night curfews are not solutions and will harm economy


Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday categorically stated that his government does not view the imposition of a lockdown or night curfew as a solution to the rising number of Covid cases in the state. Recalling the severe after-effects of the nationwide lockdown last year, CM Sawant said that the government does not intend to disturb the economy again.

Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting at the Secretariat in Porvorim, CM Sawant said, “Night curfew, lockdowns are not the solutions. Being a tourist state, we also wish to appeal to all tourists and visitors to follow the Covid norms and to get vaccinated. Precaution is the only solution.”

CM warned that people can be fined multiple times for the same violation if found again. However, it was disclosed that the fines on Covid norm violations in public places will not be increased. 

When asked about the wisdom behind this decision, CM explained, “We do not want to disturb the economy again. Everyone will remember that the lockdown during March and April in 2020 had forced us to impose a labour cap and the entire economy had not only slowed down but zeroed down. All economical activities, be it tourism, industries, pharmaceuticals and the rest had all come to a standstill and the GST collection had dropped.”

He pointed out that with the economy in the process of revival and that the government has no intentions of slowing down its recovery. Sawant insisted that the only way to control the situation is by vaccination and by following other Covid safety norms. He has requested all eligible persons to get vaccinated and urged people not to step out of their homes unnecessarily. 

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