Thursday 23 Mar 2023

Congress Political Affairs Committee with Rahul: MP

The Goan Network | MARCH 19, 2023, 01:03 AM IST


AICC desk in-charge and MP Manickam Tagore on Saturday said that said that the Political Affairs Committee completely endorses and stands by the statement of Rahul Gandhi.  

On Congress strategy for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Tagore said that the Congress Working Committee will decide on the same, including the choice of candidates and alliance.  

“But, it has been decided to have 50% of the office bearers of CWC who are below 50 and the rest 50% who are above 50,” Tagore informed while stating that the strategy for the Lok Sabha elections will be decided by the CWC once it is formed.  

He also slammed the ruling BJP government for adjourning the Parliament and not allowing the Opposition to speak.

“It is for the first time...that the voices of the Opposition have been muted,” he added.

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