Tuesday 15 Jun 2021

Covid care: Association objects to ‘vilification’ of pvt hospitals

APNH says error was administrative rather than deliberate

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 11, 2021, 01:01 AM IST

The Association of Private Nursing Homes (APNH), Goa, on Thursday objected to the “vilification” of private hospitals involved in Covid care after show-cause notices were issued to nine private hospitals for delayed reporting of Covid deaths, insisting that the error was administrative rather than deliberate.

In a press note, APNH Goa President Dr Milind Colwalkar said he was deeply disappointed by “unnecessary and uncalled for criticism of private hospitals regarding issuance of show cause notices to the nine private hospitals.”

“We have asked the individual hospitals to respond appropriately to the show cause, but the APNH feels this is a diversionary tactic to paint all private hospitals in a bad light and we strongly object to this uncalled for criticism.”

“Despite being short on staff, equipment and infrastructure, Covid treatment was virtually thrust on private hospitals which were not at all geared towards Covid care,” said Dr Colwalkar.

“These hospitals had to suddenly invest in costly equipment, recruit more staff, make changes to the infrastructure at a huge cost, which as the cases come down, may now prove to be a liability.”

Despite these constraints, Dr Colwalkar said the hospitals did not shy away from their responsibility, did their very best, worked tirelessly in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances putting themselves and their family members at a huge risk.

“Their efforts have certainly contributed to bringing down the morbidity and mortality rates from this deadly second wave.”

“Secondly, it is not possible to perform the final rites without a death certificate mentioning the cause of death or intimating the municipal council or the panchayat concerned.”

Stating that statistics are also uploaded regularly by hospitals concerned, Dr Colwalkar said if there is any deliberate attempt to hide, it would come out after a government enquiry.

“But as far as we know, the error is only administrative. There is nothing to be gained by any hospital for not reporting Covid deaths. Error, if any, is of delay and we believe it is administrative rather than deliberate.”

“We do not expect any appreciation or applause, but such kind of vilification is highly condemnable and APNH strongly protests this,” he added.

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