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Daily reports to Transport Dept on rented private vehicles involved in mishaps

Appropriate action to be taken against operators violating rules

The Goan Network | NOVEMBER 26, 2023, 12:39 AM IST


As the Traffic Police has initiated a crackdown on rental vehicle operators who lease out their private vehicles to tourists, prompted by complaints, the Traffic Police have also found that some of these unauthorized vehicles were involved in accidents.   

The officials are now sending daily reports to the Transport Department for further intervention.   

“We were receiving feedback that operators without proper authorization are renting out private vehicles (to the tourists). Some of these vehicles are also involved in accidents,” Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Akshat Kaushal said, speaking to The Goan.   

In the ongoing enforcement drive, the traffic cops intercepting a violating vehicle are seizing it on the spot, at least in the majority cases.   

To address the situation where tourists may be left stranded, Kaushal stated that the traffic police are ensuring to either transport them to their respective destinations or, evidence such as photographs and registration details are collected from the site before subsequently seizing the unauthorized vehicle from the operators’ residence.

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