Thursday 29 Sep 2022

Docs warn against Covid laxity ahead of Chaturthi



Issuing a warning over complacency on the Covid front, health authorities appealed to the public to continue observing Covid appropriate behaviour as they said the third wave is far from over and with the festival season ahead, the situation could become worse.

Speaking to reporters in Panaji on Thursday, State Epidemiologist Dr Prashant Suryawanshi said that the pandemic is far from over and people cannot afford to relax.

“Though the situation is under control, the cases are still hovering around 100. So people have to continue wearing masks in crowded places, continue regular washing of hands, etc,” Dr Suryawanshi stated.

“In the last 7 days, cases are hovering above 100. Though the situation is under control as admissions are less, deaths are few, we just cannot relax as cases have not gone down,” he added.

“But looking at the current scenario, people appear to be slowly forgetting Covid appropriate behaviour. And with the Ganesh Chaturthi approaching, people need to take cautions. We are not saying not to celebrate but celebrate responsibly so that there is no sudden rise in the cases,” the doctor appealed.

Stating that crowding is witnessed everywhere as Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching, Immunisation officer Dr Rajendra Borkar warned that the third wave is still not over and urged the public not to become complacent.

“When the cases go down to zero and remain so for a while, then we will be able to say that the third wave is over. After that, we can talk about the fourth wave. For the moment though, cases are increasing,” Dr Borkar stated.

“Though the situation is under control, we cannot relax as Covid appropriate behaviour is missing, vaccination speed is low and the festive season is upon us. This is an alarm,” the doctor warned. “The only good thing is deaths are less but that does not allow us to be negligent,” he opined.

Further, he said that Covid appropriate behaviour, ventilation and vaccination provide protection against Covid.

When questioned whether health authorities will ask the government to impose restrictions during Ganesh festival, Dr Suryawanshi replied in the negative but said people have to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

“It is the responsibility and duty of each individual to take care of himself and his loved ones which will ensure that Covid stays under control,” he stated.

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