Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Drunken brawl erupts over music volume in Guirim

| JULY 10, 2024, 01:20 AM IST



A group of intoxicated young men from Maharashtra turned a peaceful afternoon into chaos in Guirim on Tuesday.

The trigger? A minor disagreement over the volume of their music.

The tourists, who had travelled from Ahmedabad, had parked their Trax vehicle on the side of the service road in Guirim.

With loud music blaring from the vehicle, they danced exuberantly, much to the annoyance of some locals. Most of the group appeared heavily intoxicated.

The situation took a violent turn when one of the men decided to reduce the music volume.

This seemingly trivial act incited a violent reaction from five to six others in the group, who began to assault him for lowering the volume.

The scuffle quickly escalated, drawing the attention of passing by locals who promptly alerted the police and emergency services.

Responding swiftly, the Mapusa police arrived at the scene and transported the injured tourist to North Goa District Hospital.

The remaining tourists were detained and taken to the Mapusa Police Station, where their Trax vehicle was also seized.

After a tense few hours, an understanding was reached, and the police allowed the tourists to leave without filing any formal complaints. However, the incident underscores the disruptive behaviour often exhibited by some visitors, casting a shadow over Goa's vibrant tourist culture.

This episode highlights the challenges faced by locals and authorities in maintaining peace and order amidst an influx of unruly tourists

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