Tuesday 18 Jun 2024

EIA study for dredging Santa Monica jetty



The Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) has directed the Tourism department to undertake a detailed Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the proposed dredging of Santa Monica jetty.

The Authority during its recent meeting, while granting CRZ clearance to the project, said that the EIA study should be extended to during dredging and post dredging.

“Impact on hydrodynamics and geomorphology of the channel and adjoining areas due to changed hydrodynamics and possible impact on adjacent coast, bank, impact on sediment movement characteristics, erosion/accretion phenomenon, impact on aquatic/marine biota etc should be estimated prior to dredging,” the Authority said.

As per the site inspection carried out by GCZMA’s expert team, the proposed dredging area falls in CRZ IV area and the total area to be dredged is 15,625 sq mtrs.

The tourism department has proposed dredging of the jetty to facilitate the free movement of cruise boats meant for tourists. At present, water depth is shallow and is a hindrance to the boats. The dredging is proposed to increase the water depth up to 3.5 meters uniformly.

GCZMA observed that a massive amount of dredged material volume of around 23,000 cubic meters would be generated during the entire process.

“It is of paramount importance that a proper site be identified for dumping and environmental viability of the site should be estimated. Any negligence on this part can be detrimental to the environment,” the Authority directed the tourism department.

The coastal body has also asked the department to ensure that there is no noise, water or air pollution during the dredging activity. 

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