Elect BJP govt with full majority, Shah tells party workers



Four years after burning midnight oil to hurriedly cobble together a coalition government in 2017 and snaring 15 MLAs from two political parties in 2019, Union Home Minister and former BJP president Amit Shah thundered on Thursday saying enough is enough.

Shah, who was addressing a party meeting at Taleigao, exhorted party workers to go all out to help the BJP bring home a government with an absolute majority in the 2022 polls, which he said would help double the pace of development in the coastal State.

“Those who want to contest, should contest on our symbol (and) win a majority. Why should we be concerned about ‘aaya raams gaya raams’. Elect a government with full majority, it will be our responsibility to double the speed of development. There is a certain flair to a government with a full majority. It comes with many advantages. It also ensures transparency,” Shah said.

Shah pointed out that while Goa had reaped the benefits of a ‘double engine’ government – BJP governments at the Centre and in the state – there were still a few compartments missing, Shah said referring to the continued reliance on alliance partners or inducting breakaway MLAs from rival political parties to stay in power.

“Everyone says double engine government, double engine government… You form a double engine government, but some compartments are falling short. Am I right or wrong? We do not want a government with less compartments. Step into the electoral fray to bring a government with a full majority,” Shah said.  

“Full majority leads to stability, full majority leads to governance without hassles, full majority leads to corruption-free rule, full majority means the ability to deliver on the principles of antodaya,” Shah said.

The Union Home Minister also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was able to deliver on the BJP’s key ideological promises like abolition of Article 370 and triple talaq as well as paving the way for the construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya only because he led governments with a full majority at the Centre.

“I tell you, elect a government with full majority in Goa, you will also see the fruits that it begets. I also appeal to the people of Goa, give the BJP a government with full majority. Goa is already a model state, but we will make it the kind of model state which you may have not even imagined. It is a small state, it just needs some more effort and one direction. It can only happen when there is a full majority,” Shah also said.

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