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Female leopard, 3 cubs sighted at Borim

The Goan Network | MAY 27, 2023, 12:55 AM IST


A female leopard along with her three cubs have been sighted at Shirshire in Borim on Friday and forest officers are keeping an eye on the activities of the felines.

A resident Laxman Joshi said he noticed some foul odour in his plantation about 100 metres from his house and hear an unusual sound on Friday.

He informed another local, Suryakant Gawade, who went closer to have a look and saw the three cubs.

The forest department was informed and forest officer Deepak Tandel and others visited the site.

The cubs are too small and a forest team is monitoring them to protect them from other animals.

A drone camera was sent to ascertain the exact location and situation of the cubs and the female leopard, but nothing could be seen through the grass.

The forest officers have expressed the probability that the female leopard could take her cubs back into the jungle later at night.

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