Filipe Nery gets supporters’ nod to contest on NCP ticket


Supporters and workers of Water Resources Department Minister Filipe Nery Rodrigues on Sunday gave him the go-ahead signal to contest the February 14 election on the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Workers, however, pointed out the final decision how to go about the coming polls  rests with the WRD Minister.

Filipe Nery had an interaction with his supporters from across Velim constituency to hear their views before he takes the decision whether to contest the ensuing polls as an independent or on a party banner. Supporters, who came in large numbers, finally told the Minister to quit the BJP and embrace the NCP.

After the meeting, former Velim Zilla Panchayat member Anthony Rodrigues said the workers have told Filipe to join the NCP and contest the election on the Clock symbol. “We have told Filipe to go ahead and join the NCP,” he said.

Chinchinim Panchayat deputy Sarpanch Valentino Barretto said the supporters and workers called on the Minister since speculations were rife how Filipe will go about the coming election. 

“Since a number of political parties were in touch with Filipe, including the NCP, we have told him to join the NCP. We have given him the option. It is now for him to take whichever is the best option,” Valentino said, saying Filipe will have to take the final call and prepare the road map how to go about the election.

Former Sarzora Sarpanch Jacinto Fernandes said workers told the Minister to contest on a party banner, preferably the NCP, since it would help to take the symbol to the people.

Former Sao Jose de Areal Sarpanch Vincy Mascarenhas said the  workers and supporters have left it for Filipe to take a call whether to contest as an Independent or on the NCP banner.

Social activist Dominick Noronha said people of Velim constituency have decided to rally behind Filipe Nery for the reason that he had done a lot for the constituency in the last five years.

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