Saturday 20 Jul 2024

Goa’s push for solar power progressing at snail’s pace



The generation of 150 megawatt of renewable power by 2050 seems to be a distant dream for Goa, that is making progress at a snail’s pace in transition to clean electricity. 

In the last five years, the State has generated 110.91 million units (MU) of green energy, with an annual rise.  

From generating just 4.46 MUs of power in 2019, when the State launched its solar mission, to achieving 41.64 MUs of power by the end of November 2023, the coastal State has generated almost eight times more green energy.

According to the Economic Survey report tabled in the House, the number of solar connections in the State as on December 2023 are 1134 with total installed capacity of 53.03 megawatts which has so far generated only 110 MU of power.

According to the Goa State Energy Vision 2050, the State aims to generate 150 megawatts of renewable power by 2030. The State intends to become the first in the country to run on 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050.

As per data, the State’s power demand at present is 540 megawatt per day and it touches 750 megawatts per day during the peak hour.

The State government had in February 2019, notified the Goa State Solar Policy and was subsequently amended in August 2020. Following lack of response, the policy was further amended in March 2023 to allow consumers with demand load of 1 MW and above to take power under Open Access from Solar project during day time generation and during the peak hours (6 pm to 11 pm) through Battery Enabled Storage System with maximum of 15% of demand of the State.


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