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Govt asks co-operative societies to diversify business activities

The Goan Network | NOVEMBER 21, 2023, 12:52 AM IST


Although Goa has cooperative institutions which are more than a century old, the sector hasn’t really prospered the way it should have due to politics creeping into it, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant opined as he inaugurated the ‘Cooperative Week’ celebrations on Monday.  

“Only if politics is kept out of the co-operative movement will it lead to prosperity,” Sawant said, adding that vested interests have finished several co-operative societies in Goa.   

“Goa Urban Co-operative Bank was started 100 years back. Goans knew the significance of the concept of co-operation 100 years back, but it did not pick up the way it should have,” Sawant said, even as he exhorted the leaders in the cooperative sector to take up cold chain, food processing and even beach garbage collection activities.

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