Govt proposal to manage mining pits hits roadblock

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 24, 2022, 12:14 AM IST


The State government's plan to manage the mining pits in the upcoming monsoon when landslides and flash floods from water gushing down are an occurrence, has hit a roadblock with the WRD ministry expressing its inability to handle the entire task by itself.

WRD Minister Subhash Shirodkar said on Monday, that the government has asked the mining companies themselves to manage the pits during the monsoon.

Sawant is on record to say that if mining companies fail to adhere to the request to manage the pits then the WRD and PWD will asked to shoulder the responsibility.

Shirodkar said, the WRD is not in a position to manage any mishap or take responsibility for all the pits all at once, adding however, that limited operations like de-watering the pits can be managed.

"We can drain out water, but if a landslide occurs then we won't be able to manage it. Hence mining companies are told to take care of it, "Shirodkar said, adding that the matter has been discussed with the mining companies by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, who holds the mines portfolio and the Chief Secretary.

The State government through the Water Resources Department had stepped in to manage the mining pits from the disaster management perspective a few weeks ago after notices were issued to initiate the process of taking over 88 mining leases. 

The leaseholders have been asked to vacate the leases by June 6 and the government is in a legal fix as it has asked the former to manage the pits during the monsoon, which extends at least three months after this 'vacate leases' cut-off date.

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