Tuesday 23 Jul 2024

Gram sabha opposes parallel road network to NH in Nuvem

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 24, 2024, 12:45 AM IST

The Nuvem gram sabha on Sunday opposed construction of road on both sides of the National Highway from Gounlloy to Povocao in Nuvem village.

Instead, the gram sabha members demanded that the acquired land on both sides of the National highway may be used to grow plants, especially medicinal plants as there is no use of acquired land for public service.

Gram sabha member Jose Roque Andrade, who proposed the resolution pointed out that the government has already constructed the four-lane western bypass, adding that the distance between the bypass and the construction of the road between Gounlloy to Povocao is hardly 100 metres.

Questioning the need for a parallel road network at such a short distance, Andrade pointed out that land in Nuvem village is limited, with the area carrying capacity already exhausted, resulting in negligence towards the environment.

A detailed report in support of the resolution was explained to the gram sabha members, pointing out that preserving and protecting biodiversity leads to good environment concretised development is leading to climate change.

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