Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Heavy rain triggers panic in Tivim, 10 houses inundated

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 10, 2024, 12:40 AM IST


For the past three days, relentless heavy rain has drenched the State, leading to severe flooding in several low-lying areas of Bardez.

Among the hardest hit is Painiwada-Tivim, where eight to ten houses along the riverbanks were inundated, causing widespread panic among residents.

A significant volume of water entered homes in Painiwada since the flooding began on Sunday.

In response to the crisis, Tivim Sarpanch Venkatesh Shirodkar and panch member Michael Fernandes visited the affected families and conducted an inspection of the area.

The flooding was exacerbated by a malfunctioning sluice gate near the affected houses.

A pipe connected to the sluice gate became clogged with debris, preventing the automatic system from operating correctly and causing an overflow of water into residents' homes.

The blockage highlights the critical need for regular maintenance and monitoring of essential infrastructure to prevent such incidents.

In addition to the residential flooding, the ongoing heavy rains have revealed significant infrastructure issues.

The flyover at the Karaswada-Mapusa junction developed a leak, with water seeping through the junction of two spans.

This development has raised serious concerns about the quality of the construction work on the flyover, prompting calls for an immediate investigation and remedial action.

The impact of the heavy rains has also been felt on the roads across Bardez. Most of the internal roads in Mapusa and other areas, including the Karaswada junction and service roads on the highway, remain inundated.

The continuous rainfall has battered many roads, leading to the formation of large potholes that pose a hazard to motorists.

Particularly affected are the areas of Cunchelim and Gaunsavaddo, where roads have been badly damaged.

The Siolim-Marna and Porvorim Chogm roads are also causing significant inconvenience to motorists due to numerous large potholes.

The deteriorating road conditions underscore the urgent need for comprehensive road maintenance and repair to ensure the safety and mobility of residents and commuters.

The ongoing challenges in Bardez highlight the need for proactive measures and investments in infrastructure to build resilient communities capable of withstanding the increasingly unpredictable weather patterns associated with climate change.

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