IIT project gets massive support at Sanguem

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 04, 2022, 12:14 AM IST


The IIT project which was earlier shifted from Sanguem now seems to finally make its home at government-owned land at Cotarli- Sanguem.

At the special meeting held to discuss the project at Shrison Plaza Sanguem, over 95 per cent of the people attending the meet gave their nod for the project leaving only about 5 per cent of those gathered opposing the project.

The meeting was attended and addressed by Sanguem MLA and Minister for Social Welfare Subhash Phaldessai, officials from IIT B Venkatrao, Dr Rajesh Prabhugaonkar, Dr Neha Karandikar, ex MLA Sanguem Vasudev Meng Gaonkar, Bayo Bhandari and others.

Addressing the large gathering, Phaldessai claimed that the time to oppose the project in Sanguem has ended. The IIT project was a dream project of late CM Manohar Parrikar and all efforts will be made to make his dream come true by setting up the project in Sanguem, Phaldessai said.

While it was expected that the meeting would be stormy, the presence of handful of farmers did not lead to any opposition to the project and when it came to show of hands, almost everyone in the crowd raised both their hands up giving a definite ‘yes’ for the project.

Incidentally, those who came to oppose the project were short of words as to why they opposed the project except for of loss to their farm lands and agricultural income.

Phaldessai assured the gathering that the government will fairly compensate all those who suffer due to the setting up of IIT at Cotarli village and assured to reimburse the loss from his account if the government fails to do so. Phaldessai even undertook to give this in writing.

Speaking further Phaldessai cautioned those opposing the project not to oppose it for silly reasons and also warned outside forces of instigating others to oppose the project.

He also said the IIT project will lead to overall development of the surrounding areas and the Sanguem taluka as a whole. The project will not cause any damage to the environment as is otherwise claimed by the green activists, he said assuring there will be no cutting of hills and trees in the process of setting up the IIT.

Dr Rajesh Prabhugaonkar in his address assured there will be no damage to the environment. The project will be a green project and will be environment friendly under all circumstances.

The commissioning of the project at Sanguem will not only lead to employment avenues to the locals but on the contrary it will lead to overall development of the taluka, Prabhugaonkar said adding the project will also lead to opening of Kendriya Vidayalay at Sanguem.

Incidentally, prior to the public meeting, Phaldessai had a short meeting with select farmers in his office and briefed them on the project and the advantages that the people from Sanguem will enjoy once it is commissioned.

Others who spoke at the meeting were ex MLA Vaasudev Gaonkar, Maya Jangali, Bayo Bhandari and Vishal Gaonkar.

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