Thursday 28 Jan 2021

Is CM trying to discredit late Parrikar, asks AAP


Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has turned into a compulsive liar without realising that people cannot be fooled all the time, said the Aam Aadmi Party while referring to his latest statement that late Manohar Parrikar had never objected to double-tracking.

Sawant asserted that Parrikar had never objected to double-tracking of the railway line and had only raised the concern of some people whose houses would be affected.

However, AAP Goa Convenor Rahul Mhambre pointed out that there were video recordings of Parrikar clearly stating that Goa did not require double-tracking which he said was promoted by Mormugao Port Trust for its own benefit.

“I am not supposed to support what MPT wants,” he said when he was the chief minister of Goa and when he had very clearly stated that the state government would not permit double-tracking of the SWR track.

While announcing that he had refused permission for the double-tracking, Parrikar had said it would not increase any industrial activity in Goa but only burden the state with a cost of land acquisition.

In fact, Parrikar had gone to state that MPT had committed fraud in allotting two berths to private parties and the double-tracking was being done for these companies and had even assured the House that the government would stop coal at MPT itself if required.

However, despite these records being in the public domain, Sawant is now resorting to infamous Goebbels truth believing that by telling a lie many times the lie will sound to be the truth.

Mhambre pointed out to Sawant that his predecessor, who actually groomed him, Manohar Parrikar had also advised people by saying “kanant tell ghalinaka” (do not tell lies) and asked Sawant to at least adhere to this advice from Parrikar whose all other grooming he has surrendered and abandoned. 

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