Thursday 08 Jun 2023

Majorda-Utorda P’yat meet on May 24 void: Panch

The Goan Network | MAY 26, 2023, 12:44 AM IST


A panch member of the Majorda-Utorda-Calata Sharlet Fernandes has urged the Director of Panchayats to direct the BDO to declare the proceedings of the panchayat meeting held on May 24 as null and void and to call a fresh meeting to discuss and deliberate on the business that was transacted at the meeting.

In the representation, Fernandes pointed out that the fortnightly Panchayat meeting was fixed for May 24, which happened to be a Wednesday, a day on which the temporary VP Secretary was not holding charge over the village Panchayat of Majorda-Utorda-Calata.

As such, the panch member pointed out the meeting could not have been officially held on the above ground.

“When I raised my objection, I was mocked by the members and my objection was overruled. The Secretary mentioned that there is no restriction that prevented him for being present for a meeting and to record the proceedings of the meeting...This is incorrect and against the service rules applicable to Secretary.”

The panch stated that she forced the Secretary to record her objection which was recorded in the minutes.

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