Mapusa building given ultimatum over unsafe drinking water supply

Health centre directs builders to install overhead water tanks or face consequences

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 22, 2024, 01:06 AM IST

The Mapusa Urban Health Centre has issued a stern notice to builders of a building in Khorlim, Mapusa, warning that the electricity supply to the building will be disconnected if they fail to install over-the-ground water collecting tanks to store PWD water as recommended by the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) within seven days.

The health centre further warned that the sanitation No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued to the building will also be withdrawn.

This action could lead to the revocation of the occupancy certificate and a subsequent request to the deputy collector to vacate the building.

This decisive notice was prompted by a sustained campaign from residents of the White Castle Building complex at Ximer in Khorlim, Mapusa, who have been protesting against the unfit drinking water supplied to them.

Residents of the White Castle Building have repeatedly complained to various authorities about the poor quality of drinking water supplied to them and several commercial establishments within the building, including restaurants.

According to the residents, the water is not fit for consumption, posing significant health risks. An inspection conducted by the Sanitary Inspector confirmed the residents' concerns.

The report revealed that the building lacked the necessary over-the-ground water collecting tanks for collecting domestic water supplied by the Public Works Department (PWD), as recommended by the GSPCB.

Additionally, it was found that the raised barriers around the sump situated at the bottom of the stairs, which were previously in place, had been demolished. This demolition has made it unsafe for water collection, significantly increasing the chances of contamination.

The GSPCB conducted water sample tests from the restaurants and the sump in the building. The results confirmed that the water was indeed contaminated, validating the residents' complaints and highlighting the urgent need for corrective measures.

In the official notice, Health Officer Dr Dinesh Parab addressed the builders, residents, and shop owners, emphasising that their failure to install the over-the-ground water collecting tanks would result in strict actions under the Goa Public Health Act 1985 and Rules 1987.

These actions include the disconnection of electricity supply to the building. "Also, the sanitation NOC issued by the health department will be withdrawn, and the Mapusa Municipality will be asked to withdraw the occupancy certificate. Furthermore, the deputy collector will be requested to vacate the building," Dr Parab stated in the notice.

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