Now, 24x7 confidential helpline services for seafarers

Now, 24x7 confidential helpline services for seafarers

Archbishop Filipe Neri Cardinal Ferrao has emphasised the importance of fostering a culture where seafarers feel supported, understood, and cared for during their challenging journeys.

Cardinal Ferrao was speaking after launching the 24x7 confidential support and welfare initiative for seafarers and their families, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing round-the-clock support and welfare services to seafarers and their families.

The project was launched in the presence of Capt Manoj Joy, Head of India operations at Sailors Society, Frank Viegas, President of the Goan Seamen Association of India and other members of the seafarers association.

Cardinal Ferrao said, “The confidential helpline services are a very important welfare measure for the seafarers and their families. Today the seafarers are facing difficulties at sea due to the geo-political situation and conflicts, especially in the regions of Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Gaza. The life of seafarers while transiting some of these areas is very dangerous and challenging. In such a challenging situation the confidential helpline and instant Chat will immensely help the seafarers in seeking support.”

He congratulated the Sailors Society and GSAI for coming together to provide much needed welfare support to the seafarers.

GSAI president Frank informed that the core feature of this initiative is the establishment of a confidential helpline, which can be reached at +19382228181. “This helpline will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for seafarers and their families to share their concerns, seek advice, or simply talk to someone who understands their unique circumstances,” he said. 

“Our brave seafarers now confront the frightening reality of explosives, drones and missiles in these trying times. Sailors society Crisis response network has become a beacon of hope,” Frank added.

e-mail support

Besides, an email address,, has been set up as another means of reaching out and seeking support. This confidential service ensures that seafarers and their families can communicate their worries and receive guidance in a discreet manner.

For those who prefer instant messaging, an online chat service is available at This feature provides immediate support and assistance to seafarers and their families in a convenient manner.

The initiative also includes a peer-to-peer support group accessible at This platform allows seafarers and their families to connect with others who have shared experiences, providing an avenue for mutual support and understanding.

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