PWD to adopt uniform budget plan across all constituencies

Rs 35 cr to be spent annually for various works


In order to ensure smooth execution of priority works, the State government has decided to adopt Uniform Annual Budget Plan to take up projects across all the 40 assembly constituencies.

Under the Public Works Department (PWD), a State Policy has been adopted by the government, wherein annually Rs 35 crore would be spent towards various works involving roads and bridges, water supply and buildings. This is apart from Rs 2.50 crore to be spent through MLA-LAD scheme.

“In order to ensure various works proposed under the Capital Account and Revenue Account are taken up for smooth execution as per the priority, it is proposed to adopt Uniform Annual Budget Plan henceforth to take up projects in all the assembly constituencies during a particular financial year based on the priority set out by the Minister or MLAs and the departmental priority works,” the document stated.

As per the budget plan, considering the constituency priority, an amount of Rs 12 crore each would be spent towards roads and bridges and on water supply while another Rs 1 crore on buildings.
Under the departmental priority, Rs 4.50 crore would be spent on roads and buildings, Rs 4 crore each on water supply and buildings.
“Sources informed that these are the works that are to be taken up under Capital and Revenue account,” sources said.
Under the MLA-LAD scheme, those works would be undertaken which may not be able to be taken up as revenue/capital work through the department, sources added.
In December 2022, the government had notified the MLA-LAD scheme to enable legislators to undertake various works as deemed necessary in their respective constituencies. Under the scheme, the MLAs can get projects worth Rs 2.5 crore sanctioned annually.

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