Tuesday 16 Apr 2024

Road-digging work stopped in Tuem

The Goan Network | FEBRUARY 24, 2024, 01:10 AM IST


Locals and Tuem Panchayat stop road-digging work near Tuem health centre, after accusing the contractor of failing to honour his promise to fill the trench and tar the road after laying the pipeline in stretches.   

A 30 MLD water project for Mandre Constituency has begun in the Tuem ITI area and as part of this project to lay a pipeline from Tuem ITI to Chopdem-Parsem, the main road from the ITI to Tuem health centre had been excavated about a fortnight ago.   

When the work had been launched, the contractor had assured to dig stretches of about 100 metres and lay the pipeline, before filling and tarring the stretch and proceeding to the next stretch of the road. However, the road dug from the Tuem ITI to Tuem health centre has not been tarred at any place till date.   

Accusing the contractor of breaking his promise, Tuem Sarpanch Sulaksha Naik, panchas Nilesh Kandolkar, Anita Salgaonkar, Manohar Pednekar, Sneha Naik, Akshara Naik and locals went to the site and stopped the work.   

They said that further work on the project would not be permitted till the previous stretch is filled and tarred. 

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