Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Saligao roads to be hotmixed following monsoon season: MLA

| JULY 10, 2024, 01:18 AM IST
Saligao roads to be hotmixed following monsoon season: MLA

Saligao MLA KedarNaik distributes saplings to residents of Reis Magos. Photo by Anil Shankhwalker



A day after over 80 locals protested against the poor road conditions in Saligao which prompted authorities to depute workers to fill potholes with rubble, Saligao MLA Kedar Naik assured that the roads would be hotmixed after the monsoon.

Speaking to reporters at an event in Verem, Naik explained that the excavation of roads in Saligao was necessitated to lay a 60 cm water pipeline from the 15 water treatment plant under construction at Pilerne/Calangute to Saligao.

“Potholes have developed on these roads. The PWD has already started filling these potholes and I have advised the PWD to put rubble in the potholes, so that potholes do not develop again,” said Naik.

“Due to the election code of conduct, work to fill potholes and hotmixing of roads could not be undertaken. I have already taken steps to hotmix these roads once the monsoon is over. Water is also important for residents of Saligao and so, priority was given to lay the pipeline in Saligao. Some NGOs are misguiding the people for the sake of gaining publicity.”

Stating that he is fully aware that people are facing a lot of inconvenience due to potholes, the Saligao MLA requested the people to bear some hardship for some time as hotmixing cannot be done during rains.

“I will ensure that all roads in Saligao are hotmixed after the monsoon,” assured Naik.

On the occasion, the Saligao MLA distributed saplings to residents of Verem.

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