SGPDA’s desilting of drains brings to fore wastewater woes

SGPDA’s desilting of drains brings to fore wastewater woes

The SGPDA is cleaning and de-silting the drains in the PDA retail market as the untreated water makes its way into the storm water nullahs.

Photo Credits: The Goan

South Goa Planning and Development Authority’s move to desilt the drains ahead of the monsoons is laudable given the extent of silt that has choked the drainage network.

The initiative by the SGDPA Chairman, MLA Krishna Daji Salkar, however, has thrown up a problem of sorts for the Margao Municipal Council to handle – the smooth flow of the untreated wastewater from the PDA’s mega retail market into the adjoining storm water nullahs.

Even as thick black-coloured wastewater from the desilted drains inside the SGPDA complex began to flow out, questions were raised about whether the wastewater generated in the market, particularly from the meat stalls area, is treated before it is released in the drains.

In fact, the Margao Municipal Council had recently issued notices to the meat stalls in the PDA retail market complex to show cause why action should not be initiated against them for releasing the wastewater sans treatment.

The Margao Municipal Council, which has come under the scanner of the High Court in a Public Interest Litigation filed by Navelim resident, Prof Antonio Alvares, in the Salpem lake contamination case, has been grappling with the menace of sewage and wastewater discharged in the storm water nullahs across the commercial capital sans treatment.

Municipal officials pointed out that households and commercial establishments are either required to connect their premises to the underground sewage line or set up Effluent Treatment Plants to treat the wastewater.

Commenting on the desilting work carried out by the SGPDA in the mega retail market, a civic official said the desilting work will help unclog the drains in the mega retail market, but the PDA should find an answer to the discharge of untreated wastewater from the market complex.

“Since the MMC is under the High Court scanner, the SGPDA should take all steps to ensure that the wastewater is treated before it is released in the drains,” the official added.

That’s not all. The civic official further pointed out that the MMC has started issuing notices to the Osia commercial complex in the SGPDA complex over the discharge of sewage and wastewater in the storm water drains.

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